Monday, April 27, 2015

Our Animation Story

Each time we do an animation project we get a planning document where we have a storyboard, our plot, and purpose. On this we also have to come up with a focus statement which basically the title for the animation, in the format Noun Verb Noun. My team's focus statement is Ana Overcomes Shyness. We thought this was a fitting focus statement as our story is literally about Ana overcoming her shyness.

We hope that we'll tell this story well enough so that people will be able to see a deeper meaning in it. Our story mainly focuses on being shy and the anxieties and worries that go through that individual's mind. In our animation we have a scene in which there is a devil and an angel sitting upon Ana's shoulders and they are both telling Ana different things. The devil and angel represent a conscience and what they say are things that may have gone through Ana's mind. We also have a small flashback of girls making fun of Ana when she is trying to make friends. 

As a team I think that we actually worked really well together and were efficient. I think our best moment was when we finally had all our scenes together and done and we had a soundtrack to go along with it. Our worst moment was when Stykz, a stick figure animation program, kept crashing while Leila was trying to animate some of our scenes. So we would have had all our scenes done even faster and could have had more time to revise and edit.

I think that our class critique went fairly well for my team. The whole class graded each team on two things, characters, sets, and props and creativity, originality, and execution. For creativity, originality, and execution, it was very close between Meets Requirements and Above and Beyond, but overall we mostly got Above and Beyond. For characters, sets, and props with 69%, Meets Requirements seemed to be the common thought.

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