Thursday, April 23, 2015

Animation Outtakes

The latest project in G.T. is the animation project. The theme for the project is "Tell Your Story". So we got into groups with people we have not worked with this school year. My teammates are Sydney Nice, Leila Nelson, and Ana Ell. Sydney likes to play soccer and volleyball. Leila also plays soccer and she is incredibly smart. Last, but not least Ana who loves to read and is generally an interesting person to be around.

After a while, we decided to use Ana as our main character for our animation. Her story was when she moved to my middle school this year and like any other new student, had no one to be friends with. When lunch comes around she has nobody to sit with so Leila and I will come to invite her to sit with us. Ana has a mental battle as to whether or not she should accept the author. Although it seems like a simple choice to most people to just accept the offer, she, like a few others, is shy and in this situation anxieties may get the best of someone. I think that this concept of being shy and anxiety is really important and hope that this could be an inspiration to step out of your comfort zone once in a while.

If you don't already know, stop motion animation is where someone or something is manipulated in a series of frames or pictures to give the illusion of movement. I like to think of stop motion as the basis of animation. Now a GIF, a.k.a Graphics Interchange Format, is a compressed animation or video file. You'll often see GIFs on various forms of social media. Below are two examples of a GIF.

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