Friday, March 13, 2015

Typography Images

In G.T. our most recent project is Typography Portraits. Typography portraits are images in which words are incorporated into portraits and Typography is the style and appearance of printed matter. I think that typography portraits are a really creative way to say things about a person. You can take famous words, phrases, and speeches and put them onto the individual who said them. However you choose to use them they can make impressions and leave impacts on people.

I think that my main problem during this project was that I came back from a trip when our class was doing this, so I missed some things. Luckily I only missed out on doing the practice image. Anyway while doing my teacher image(shown below) I redid the stamping of the words multiple times to get it right. I also could not get the features of her face to show very well, but I had help from my friends. So I used a brush at 30% opacity to define her lips, glasses, and hair. My teacher image turned out pretty good, but I think it could be even better.

So since I was absent for the practice Innovator image my first typography portrait was the teacher image. I used a picture of an art teacher at our school, Mrs. Sanderl. We had to chose words that describe our teacher so I used the words, passionate, determined, knowledgeable, artistic, kind, happy, fun, creative, curious, hardworking, and amazing.

My next typography portrait was of myself called 'Me'. We first turned our image black and white and then posterized it, making it so the image was made of black and white organic shapes. After this we selected all the black areas then filled them with words that wrote about ourself. We repeated the same for all the shades of gray and we left the white areas as they were. In the gray areas we used gray text, either light or dark gray. The words I used to describe myself were happy, internet, fiction, life, nature, creative, draw, music, one of a kind, read, fun, and amazing.

The last image is my final typography portrait. For this I simply took the black and white version and added color to the words and created a background. I also took the white areas or highlights and filled it with a light color that went with the rest of my words.

My favorite out of the two would be my 'me' typography portrait. I like this not because it's of me, but because I really like the style of it. I like how you select the different shades in your image and separately fill the area with text. I really like how you can choose a color scheme for your image and make it unique.

Teacher Typography Portrait or Mrs. Sanderl. 
'Me' Typography Portrait. (Not Finished)
'Me' Final Typography Portrait (Finished!)

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