Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Double Exposed Portraits

The most recent project in G.T. is double exposed portraits. Double exposed portraits are basically photos in which there is a profile photograph merged in with a textural photo. Portrait photography contains one or more people showing mood or expression. For double exposed portraits profile images are used. Profile pictures are another type of portrait photography. These profile pictures turn into silhouettes of themselves in double exposures.

In photoshop, double exposures are made by blending a profile and a texture photo together. So you would need a profile photo and one or more other pictures. You would then load them in a stack in photoshop by going to File > Scripts > Load files into stack. Then use the dodge tool to make everything around the subject white. You could also just paint it white, but I used the dodge tool. From there select the top layer which should be the profile photo. Then double click on that layer and change the blend mode to screen and do the same to the other layers. From there you can adjust the size and everything else about the images to your liking.

I think that double exposures are really cool. They take two or more images and make something amazing that has a meaning.

I made two different double exposed images, one practice and a final. The final image consisted of things from our daily lives so I took a picture of my headphones because I love listening to music. I also took a picture of a camera because photography and film are things that I like and would like to pursue.

Practice Double Exposure
Final Double Exposure

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