Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Movie Trailer Critique

The most recent project for G.T. was our movie trailer project. We were assigned to create a movie trailer based off of stories that we wrote in another class. In teams we chose a story and made a movie trailer. My team consisted of Mikela Griffin, Iris Murakami, and Cherish Kuloloia. To plan it out, our teacher made a Trailer Plan document for each team to use. On the document we wrote out our scenes and how they were going to be filmed. We also wrote out our filming dates and voiceovers. Each of us wrote out a different scene with foley and dialogue and we came up with the voiceovers together.

Like any other project we had a set of requirements to follow. We had to use foley and have a voiceover. Our movie trailer needed to be at least a minute and thirty seconds. We had to have at least five scenes, include a finished movie poster, and have text layovers. Unfortunately my team fell short of the required time because we were missing one scene that couldn't be re-filmed. The movie took place in a school so we could only film during lunchtimes and we were very limited. The scene that we were missing was filmed, but somehow it got deleted. Although we didn't meet the time requirement, we met all of the other ones.

The last thing that we did for this project was the class critique. Our teacher, Mr. Sanderl, asked each team before he played their video what they would do different and if they were proud of what they did. On a google forms document, everyone in the class critiqued every team and at the end we could see the results and vote on the best overall movie trailer. We mostly got 3 out of 4's, but I agree with our grades. I learned that for projects similar to this, I should make a schedule and us my time a little more wisely.


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