Monday, December 15, 2014

Movie Poster Promo

Our current G.T. project is a movie trailer. To go along with the trailer, we are also making a movie poster. My team's movie trailer is about a class who gets a substitute teacher and finds out that their sub is evil. The teacher has a huge problem with chewing gum, so when someone chews gum she turns that person into an eraser. The main characters, Claire an Danielle, are going to be played by me and Mikela Griffin(Mikela as Claire and me as Danielle). The evil substitute teacher will be played by my language arts teacher, Mrs. Maguire. So in the poster I have Claire and Danielle as the center of the poster and they aren't anywhere particular. In the background I have two big erasers and the classroom.

The title of our movie trailer is 'Mayhem of the Teachers'. The movie trailer is based upon a story that one of my team members wrote for language arts. We chose this title because it was the original title and I think that it fits in with the overall theme of the story and movie. I also included the names of the actors and the 'movie reviews'. Our teacher had us use kerning in our movie posters to have all our words and letters perfectly spaced. Kerning is the process of moving and adjusting letters in any font to make something more visually pleasing.

I think that the effects and filters that I used made a lot of my words pop out more and since I used a chalk kind of font, it gave more of the feeling of school. I also used filters on my background picture to make it so the picture wasn't too distracting, but you can tell what it is.
Below are some screenshots of me working and the last one is my final movie poster.

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