Monday, December 15, 2014

Visual Literacy

In my period 7 class we started a book folding project. We would choose a 2-4 letter word and then put it on a Google drive document in the biggest size that we could. Then our teacher would print it out with lines on it so we could fold to those lines. It sounds confusing, but it's really not that hard. The idea for this project came from Isaac Salazar, one of the first to start book folding. He began to think about the possibilities of word based origami once he had gotten an origami book and from there started folding books into various words and shapes. Book art is one example of visual literacy. Visual Literacy is the ability to interpret and make a meaning out of an image. I think that book art is a example of visual literacy because it can be used to inspire people and can have different meanings to different people.

For my book I chose to fold the word 'fly'. I don't have a specific reason for choosing this word, but I just thought that it would be good word to fold. I also folded two other books. The words I chose for them were Swim, for my brother, and CTR because it stands for choose the right. For each of these books I chose a font that I thought went well with word itself. With my last two words I chose them to inspire and motivate. I chose the word Swim for my brother, as I mentioned before, who is in his senior year of high school and swims so I thought that he could put it in his room or take it to college with him. For CTR I just think that it's a nice thing to have as a reminder. I think that I had to fold the most pages for the word Swim. I don't remember exactly how much pages I folded for each book, but I know that the book for Fly had about 400 pages and the book for Swim had about 500 pages.

I think that my books turned out really well. My best book was probably the book for Swim because it was my third time doing it so I knew exactly what I was doing. I think that all of my books turned out really well, but I think that I could've taken more time to fold my books because I finished most of them in a few days. If I were to do this again then I think that I would choose to make an image of something, but I don't know exactly what image. I would just want to do something a bit different rather than just words.

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  1. Fantastic job, Brandi! I think the book you folded for your brother will mean a lot... what a special gift! I'm very impressed that you folded 3 books! This is a demonstration of your patience and precision as it takes a very long time to fold one book, and your folds have to be accurate for the word to become visible. Great job!


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