Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Finished News Story

First quarter of school came to an end and so did our Hiki No news stories. Recently we finished our news story for Hiki No. As I may have mentioned before, my news story was on the effects of technology on todays youth. My team for this consisted of Hannah Collins Doijode, Sophia Rodriguez, Miles Frazier, and Aedan Betts. We interviewed our G.T. teacher, Mr. Sanderl, Hannah's mom, and a sixth grader from our school.

I think that our team did a fairly well job on our final. We got more b-roll and made our story flow better. I'm pretty happy with what we did.

We had a final class critique for our stories and we had to grade each team. My team mostly got 3's which is a B. We got a few 4's, but overall our story was successful. When it came down to the class's best overall story, we were voted about 3rd.

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