Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Real World Report

The world news article that I chose was called "We Can't Trust Anyone, Not Even the Puppy in That KLM Airlines Video" and I chose it because the title confused me a little so I became interested in it. Anyway, the story was mainly about this advertisement for KLM airlines that advertised a dog who sniffs out lost items to return it to their rightful owners. However, this dog has nothing to do with the airlines at all, they only use the dog for marketing purposes. The dog represents how the lost and found team will search out lost items and return them to their owners. KLM says that the dog may "be making an appearance in the near future."

I think that including a dog in their search team could actually be a potentially good idea. So I guess I somewhat agree with KLM, but using the dog in advertising may be confusing for some people because they show a dog sniffing out lost things. I think that people have a reason to be upset with them though.

So I think that this story is important because it shows how you can't trust anything or anyone even a dog in this case. But I think this story is not a huge issue that would affect everyone. Some people are making it a big thing when it's more of a problem between a airline and the rest of the community.

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