Saturday, September 6, 2014

HikiNo Behind the Scenes

In G.T. we are currently working on a project for Hiki No. My team consists of me, Sophia, Aedan, Hannah, and Miles. We're making a news story and the topic that me and my team chose was the effects of technology on the adolescent mind and lifestyle. We chose this because pretty much everyone uses technology, but sometimes it can have negative effects. So far we have three interviews and we are planing a fourth and we are now working on transcriptions.

When we aren't filming we are planning b-roll sequences, writing out transcriptions, and looking at different sources of information for our story. Also we recently got a new team member so we are showing him everything that we've been doing and making sure everyone has something to do.

Some things that I can do to help out my team is to make sure we actually get work done because some of us are major procrastinators. I can also help get our transcriptions done and help plan out our next interview.


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  2. I really like how you stayed on topic with this blog. Great behind the scene shots!


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