Monday, August 25, 2014

The Experiment

Our first assignment in G.T. was to make something in photoshop unassisted. Our teacher couldn't help any of us and he challenged us to do something that we didn't already know. I chose to do something fairly simple. I did a contour of a picture that I found online. The picture is characters from an anime called Sword Art Online, but there were a lot of characters in the picture so I only finished one person. 

I think I took the easy route on this so I just improved on accuracy and It was like a review from last year. Anyway I think that it might of helped some of the newer people in G.T. because even though they had no idea what to do most of them figured things out with the help of peers. The most challenging thing for me about this was that I took forever to finish one person so I think I'll finish this picture another time. 

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