Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Metamorphosis Animation

In G.T. we were assigned with a metamophosis animation project. For this project we were supposed to make an animation that showed metamorphosis, change, and use multiple forms of animation. For my teams project we used stop motion, claymation, and Stykz.

Our focus statement was Rose Changes Reality. We thought that for this we could show Rose as a magician and she would magically transform the world into animation. So for our first scene we had me as Rose and my two other team memebers, Haley & Mikela, as the audience. I asked for two volunteers and then I put my cape over them and made them disappear. In our second scene we were transported into animation. We appeared outside of a cave and then it starts to rain so we go into the cave. When we are in the cave we see a cloaked figure and he tells us that if we want to return back to the normal world we need to find four things. Those things were a golden teacup from England, a golden chili pepper from Mexico,  golden maple syrup from Canada, and then golden bamboo from China. We found three magic brooms on the side of the road and we use those to fly around the world. Once they got all of those things they opened a portal to the normal world. They get distracted by a butterfly and then go through the portal and then end up back to normal but then when we get back we come in and hit a wall.

When we finished the animation we had a animation critique in class. My team didn't finish our soundtrack in Garageband but we had to turn it in anyway. For the results of the critique we met the requirements.  

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