Monday, April 7, 2014

Words of Wisdom

In G.T. we had an words of wisdom interview project. In this project we had to find someone to interview that we thought had good words of advice. My team had Haley Gokan, Mikela Giffin, and Hannah Collins-Doijode. We chose to do our project on our math teacher, Ms. Andrade, who is from India. We thought that she would have great words of wisdom becuase she came from India and in class she shares inspirational stories that relates to what we are learning.

When we were producing this video we had some disagreements and and hard times, but it all worked out. We had to make a rough cut before the final so during that we went out and filmed b-roll two times. The first time we went to film b-roll we found out that it was going to be a free period so we couldn't get b-roll of Ms. Andrade teaching. So the next time we made sure that Ms. Andrade would be teaching something. Then it came time to start editing. We had two of us editing and the rest working on the storyboard. We rotated on who was editing. In the end everything worked out and our video was voted the best in the class.

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