Monday, March 10, 2014

Profile Project Progress

In G.T. we have recently got a interview project. My team has Mikela Griffin, Hannah Collins-Doijode, and Haley Gokan. We chose to do our project on our seventh grade math teacher, Ms. Andrade. We filmed all of the interview and b-roll in school, so it wasn't much of a problem. Our focus statement is Ms. Andrade Inspires People In Her Life. We chose this because in math Ms. Andrade always finds a math problem that relates to a problem that she has faced in her life and the stories that she shares usually has a moral.

B-roll is extra footage to make a interview or documentary interesting to watch. B-roll is used to give the viewer a visual example of what the subject of your story is talking about. It also helps tell the story and it can be used to hide cuts in your video. For our b-roll we filmed it all during our math class. The first time that we tried to film b-roll we found out that math was a free period that day, so we had to film b-roll again.

After we filmed all the b-roll and the interview it was time to film our voice overs. Voice overs are pretty self-explanatory. They are the voice that you hear that is explaining or giving more information in a interview or documentary.  I was doing the voice over for our group. I don't think that I did the voice over that well, but we plan on redoing the voice over.

To work together better I think we really need to cooperate and work as one. We had some cooperation issues and we had different ideas about the video. 

My whole class had to submit a rough cut so we know what we can improve on. I think our video was good, but we had certain things wrong with it. I think that we should redo the voice overs and get even more b-roll. Also for b-roll we need to make the shots more focused and have more of a variety. In the interview part we need to cover our cuts with b-roll instead
of using transitions and make some sequences longer.


  1. Hey Brandi! Nice work with the writing and keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Brandi, really liked your blog post I think your doing an awesome job!


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