Friday, February 7, 2014

Practice Story Reflection

This week my class and I were assigned a pre-project which was a practice interview. We chose our groups and chose a topic to do. The people in my group are Mikela GriffinHaley Gokan, and Hannah Collins-Doijode. The topic had to be something we could interview one of our team members on. My group's topic was Haley Does Taiko.

I think my me and my group did pretty well, but there were some difficulties. The day we had to film b-roll our "interviewee" did not bring her prop that was needed for the video. So we just improvised and tried to film b-roll without the prop. Then we had to transcribe the interview onto a transcript sheet. Also on the transcript sheet we had to write out transitions, or what the narrator says, and we had some problems figuring out what to write. Finally when it came time to edit we had to record our transitions. (I was the narrator!) That day we filmed a little bit more of b-roll with the prop. Then when we edited we had some disagreements and two of us were left on the side doing nothing until we finished the editing.

Overall I think me and my team needs to work more on teamwork. When it comes time to do our actual elder words of wisdom interview project, we will definitely need to work as a team and get everything organized.

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