Friday, February 21, 2014

Composition Techniques

When you see pictures or even pieces of video there are some key things they all have. The one i'll be talking about is composition techniques. Composition techniques are the things that help make your picture or story interesting.

The main four that are most commonly used are rule of thirds, framing, unusual angles, and leading lines. Rule of thirds is the first thing you should consider in certain pieces of film and most photography. You basically break your frame into three both horizontally and vertically and position your subject in one third of the frame. Framing is when you block the main image with something in the scene creating a frame. Unusual angles is when you go beyond the normal perspective and give a angle people wouldn't normally see. Finally, leading lines is when you use environmental or just lines that lead to your subject.

In photography or video composition techniques make the picture or story you are trying to give more eye catching and interesting. Composition techniques are in most video and pictures even though you may not know.


  1. Looking pretty awesome Brandi! Your explanation is very clear. Your video really explains what are composition techniques.

  2. I really like this video because it clearly shows what the composition techniques are. I really liked how you made sure to have everything in focus and clear.


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