Tuesday, February 11, 2014

All About Me!

Hey all you people out there, I'm Brandi Baligad and I am an optimist. For those of you who don't know what an optimist is, it is a person who basically sees the bright side of everything and is extremely HAPPY! Just ask my friends Haley, Hannah, or Mikela. They gave me the title of the optimist. :D

I usually spend my time at a friends house, on the computer doing whatever, or playing games on my Kindle. Yeah... I don't have much of a interesting life. Oh yeah! Here's something kinda interesting. I'm going to Florida on March 15th to go to the Student Television Network Convention with my school's stream team. The people on my team are Haley GokanKeegan Kessler,Sophia RodriguezKuumomi Thompson, Maceo Cantu, and Ian Kimura. In the convention you can participate in the Sweet 16 contest(you have 16 hours to produce a 10 minute video) and an individual contest.

My favorite color is white, yup white and my favorite food would be either burgers or pasta. XD
When I grow up I hope to become a film maker or an animator. Oh yeah I have two BEST friends and they are Rachael and Celia. In fourth grade we are wore the same lanyards the whole year. Yup they are my bestest friends ever and I love them to death. (In a friend kinda way)


  1. "I don't have much of a interesting life" haha. This blog is so you Brandi. :)

  2. I hope you had fun in Flordia! I really want to go there someday. Your blog is super cute :)

  3. Your so lucky I really wanna go to Florida again, your blog is super cute

  4. I love your blog! The cursor thing is really cool!

  5. Awesome Blog Brandi! I really like the cursor.
    How was the convention?


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